Can I view the property?

The property can be viewed as soon as it is reserved if you wish to do so. If you would like a member of the team to meet you at the property then please let us know.

Have you got any pictures?

Every property deal comes with a full unbiased video tour taken by one of our team members designed to give you a fair view of the property and it’s condition. Photos will also be included where relevant.

Is the area a good rental area / Are the rents realistic?

Our rental estimates are built on the opinions of those local to the area and specialists in their field, our experience from other deals in the vicinity and both online and offline market research, we have never had a property rent out for less that we have stated.

How do you estimate the GDV/DUV?

The end value of a property/site is calculated using sold comparables, £/sqm, agents estimates and the opinions of trusted surveyors. We then further cross check this with online algorithms, datasets and market comparables.

What is your refund policy?

You can download a copy of our refund policy here.

Are the deals off-market?

Some deals are off-market some are on the market, when a deal is listed within an email any off-market deal will be labelled as such.

Can you recommend builders/solicitors/brokers etc?

We are well connected within this industry and regularly introduce our investors to the professionals they need. Whether it be contractors, architects, solicitors, brokers, tax specialists and more, if you need an introduction, please get in touch with a member of the team.

Do you project manage the refurb?

We will deliver every stage of the deal including the refurbishment if you would like us to, ask a member of the team about the hassle-free process and what it can do for you.

How have you estimated the refurbishment cost?

Refurb and constructions costs are based on case studies, our experience, our relationships with builders and itemised costings for regular repeat works. A building firm will have seen our proposed works and costings prior to any deal being listed to investors.

Which areas do you cover?

There is no part of the UK we do not cover. Typically deals are located around the M62 corridor and South Wales as house prices, rents and local teams make for the best investments.

What types of deals do you find?

You will regularly find Buy to Let, House of Multiple Occupation, Serviced Accommodation, Flips, buy Refurbish Refinance Rent, Rent to Rents, Commercial Conversions and Land Development deals listed to you.

What happens if a deal falls through?

If a deal falls through and is not your fault then we do not think it is fair for you to have to pay for it, therefore if a deal falls through and it was not your fault a refund will be offered to you subject to our refund policy.

Can you find specific deals just for me?

If you wish for us to find bespoke, tailored deals just for you then please book a call in with a member of the team to discuss your requirements and how we can assist.

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